Monday 21 March 2016

End Of A Wonderful Year

We left our moorings Saturday and headed towards Blisworth Tunnel, it was very wet inside the tunnel and we passed 3 boats coming in the other direction. We came out of the tunnel and found Stoke Bruerne almost deserted with only 4 boats at the top of the locks so we moored for the evening. 

Stoke Bruerne

Deserted Moorings At Stoke Bruerne

We went out for a meal in the Navigation Inn. The meal was very nice indeed.
Sharon had a walk up to the Canal Museum and came back telling me about a book she had seen about the life of Sister Mary Ward who was a nurse from Stoke Bruerne to the crews off narrowboats. Sharon dispatched me to have a look as she was unsure what the cost of it was. The book was 18.99 and very interesting it is it is called Care on the Cut well worth a purchases.

We woke on Sunday morning the sun was shining on our last day of cruising on are year out on the cut. We were feeling very sad as we went down the first 2 locks alone and then we were lucky enough  to catch up with a couple who had waited for us at the next lock.
Tacet And Frogmore In The Lock

Tacet And Frogmore 

Approaching The last Lock.

We had a very lovely cruise down with them and said are goodbyes and cruised off very slowly to Kingfisher Marina where we have a mooring. We arrived and turned in and moored at our temporary mooring.

Church, sheep and lambs

Back To Where We Started From

Monday morning our dear friend Louise picked me up so I could collect our car from Ipswich as we plan to return home on Wednesday. 

We have had a truly wonderful year on Tacet. We have seen so many wonderful places and wonderful sights.
We have met some lovely people who have become good friends.
We our looking forward to our next cruise out on Tacet very soon.

Time Travelled Saturday 19th March 2.5 Hrs Distance Travelled  4.5 Miles Blisworth  Tunne 3056 yrds
Time Travelled Sunday 20th March 4 Hrs 4  Miles 7 locks, 

Total Distance Travelled 1141 Miles    

221 Locks (Broad ) 551 single locks and 22 tunnel's, 10 Massive Lock
Total Tunnel length 19915 yards   

Total Time 610 hours  

We Have Loved It So Much

Friday 18 March 2016

Towards Gayton

We left Crick on Tuesday the weather was overcast but warm. 
We made our way to Watford locks and as we approached the lock keeper opened the lock and we went straight in. The lock keeper stayed with us all the way down and we were soon through the 7 locks and heading to Norton Junction where we turned left towards the Buckby Flight of locks. We went down the first lock and moored at a very nice spot near Anchor Cottage which does wonderful canal art. We brought our Barrel and flower tub for here when we started our adventure it was good to chat with Alison again.
Double Locks Big Gates

Scarey Sites

Jules Fuels & Barge On Bank

Wednesday we untied and carried on down the remaining 6 remaining  locks and as these are double locks it took me awhile to get into the routine of working them.
We quickly moored at Weedon and went to Tesco Express to get some provisions.
We were quite quickly down the locks and cruised on to Stowe Hill Wharf as we needed to fill with diesel.
Stowe Hill Wharf is the home of Rugby Boat Sales where we brought Tacet 2 years ago. It was good to see Steve and Dominic again. We filled with diesel 54.9 ppl cheapest we found all year.
We moored just round from the wharf opposite the caravan site. Thursday we set about doing a bit of cleaning of Tacet me doing the outside and Sharon the inside. I got the best deal as it was a beautiful sunny day.
Eddy Helping  Whilst enjoying The Sun
Friday we set off towards Gayton and although the weather was overcast we had a lovely short cruise and moored up for the evening.
Jules Fuels With Ryan At The helm

Sculptor Historic Narrowboat
Tomorrow we will go to Stoke Bruerne.

Time Travelled Tuesday 15th March  4.5 Hrs Distance Travelled  4.5 Miles 7 single Locks 1 Double. Crick  Tunnel 1528 yrds
Time Travelled Wednesday 16th Time Travelled 3 Hrs  Distance Travelled 5 Miles 6 locks, 
Time Travelled Friday 18th 2.5 Hrs  Distance Travelled 6 Miles.

Total Distance Travelled 1132.5 Miles    

214 Locks (Broad ) 551 single locks and 22 tunnel's, 10 Massive Lock
Total Tunnel length 16859 yards   

Total Time 603.5 hours  

We Are Loving it So Much But The End Is Near .

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Towards Crick And Foxton Locks

We left Braunston on Friday 11th and as we were at the water point filling up another boat passed so after the usual pleasantries I asked if they would wait for us at the bottom lock.
When we approached the bottom lock we saw the boat waiting for us so we had a buddy all the way up the 6 Locks. It’s a lot easier going up in pairs and with a really good crew we were soon up the locks and heading towards Braunston tunnel.
Sarah And Unknow Gents Boat.

Lock Keepers Cottage

An Old Steel Ice Breaker Called Sharpness
The weather was really lovely after the fog had lifted and we had a wonderful cruise up to the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union canal where we moored for the evening in beautiful sunshine. A lovely boat moored behind us and it was sarah and Andy a couple I had spoken to in Braunston who live in a lovely little town called Sudbury which is not far from where we live.

Saturday we woke to a foggy start so we waited for the sun to burn off the fog. We set off to Watford locks and cruised along in super weather, we arrived at Watford locks and booked in with the lock keeper. We only had to wait for 15 minutes and then we were off. Watford locks have 3 normal locks then a staircase of 4 locks which means the top set of gates become the bottom gates when moving up. You have to operate the ground paddles correctly or you can get into all sorts of problems. 
Not One Of Mine.
Taken Off The Internet
Unknown photographer.
As we cruised up to Crick Sharon suggested that as the weather is so good why don’t we continue up to Foxton Locks. This I was only to pleased to do and when we were through Crick Tunnel (very Wet) we continued to cruise on in wonderful sunshine mooring by Bridge 37 for the evening.. So annoyed with myself as I forgot to charge the camera battery. AGAIN.

Sunday again we woke to fog but at 9.00 it had cleared a lot so we set off. The sun managed to burn the fog off and we cruised up in wonderful weather 
Foggy Morning

Visibility Good

 As we rounded a rather tight bend we caught up with a holiday boat that was being steered by a very large parrot!
Birthday Parrot (40th Party Boat)
 The holiday boat had slowed down to almost stop as it had come across a fishing competition along the towpath so we both cruised at very slowly so not to annoy the fisherman but at one point the holiday boat got itself in an odd position and had to rev hard to straighten up which didn’t go down to well with some of the fisherman who shouted at the all-girl crew. It turned out to be a 40th Birthday of the parrot. 
We arrived at Foxton locks which has 10 locks, these are in 2 staircases of 5locks and and are really a fantastic set of locks taking you 75 feet down. We booked in with the lock keeper and we went down the locks and turned round and headed up. There were a lot of gongoozlers  watching the boats go up and down and we both enjoyed chatting to them and answering there questions.

We moored for the evening at the top of the locks after a fantastic day cruising.

Level with The Horizon 

Looking Down

Inside One Of The Rather Deep Locks

Looking Over The Foxton Locks

Looking Up Foxton Locks
Monday we left our moorings at Foxton and cruised up to Crick not such a nice day as the wind had picked up a little and it was a bit more overcast. Still it was a nice cruise and we enjoyed the scenery. 

Time Travelled Friday 11th March Time Travelled 3Hrs Distance Travelled 4  Miles 6 Locks. Braunston  Tunnel 2042 yrds
Time Travelled Saturday 12th Time Travelled 5.5 Hrs  Distance Travelled 13.5 Miles 7 locks, Crick Tunnel 1528 yrds
Time Travelled Sunday 13th   6 Hrs  Distance Travelled 10 Miles 20 locks Foxton Down/Up & Husband Bosworth Tunnel 1166 yrds
Time Travelled Monday 14th 6.5 Hrs 17 Miles Husband Bosworth Tunnel 1166 yrds

Total Distance Travelled 1119 Miles 

207 Locks (Broad ) 544 single locks and 22 tunnel's, 10 Massive Lock
Total Tunnel length 16859 yards   

Total Time 593.5 hours  

We Are Loving it So Much But The End Is Near .

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Colds And Visitors.

Since our last blog we have both had a stinking cold Sharon succumbed first then as always being the generous lady she is she gave it to me. So not a lot to report in this update.

When we had both recovered from the bugs we ventured in to Daventry by bus to get some provisions (Roger No Co-Op) from Aldi and a quick look around the town and Tesco.

We met a really nice couple called Frank & Alison who are from N/B Sammy Jo. They live aboard their boat and have only recently got married. 
A Wave Goodbye.

Frank Aboard Sammy Jo

We had an enjoyable evening with them both and may catch up with them before we return to our house and the humdrum of work.

On Saturday we had a surprise visit from our friend David who we last saw in Gunthorpe. It was so nice to see David as he always has a few tales to tell and has both of us in stitches with his stories. It was a shame that his wife Lorraine could not make it but she was babysitting there Grandchildren at Tiger’s in Daventry where we have taken our Grandson Hudson to before. We are planning to met David & Lorraine later this year.

I took a walk over the fields to Wolfhamcote church which although no longer used for regular services it remains a consecrated building and is looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust, it is a really lovely old building and some of the grave stones dated back to the late 1690’s although I imagine there are a lot older graves there I could not read all the dates.

In Side The Church

A Rather Nice Ethereal Photo I Think

Wolfhamcote Church

A Suffolk Lamb

Twins With Braunston Church Behind

Tomorrow we will be heading off through the 6 Braunston Locks and the rather long bendy Tunnel We may turn left at Norton Junction and go up the Watford Locks to Crick or Carry on down the Buckby Flight of locks and head to words or Marina.

So due to illness no movement for us in the last couple of weeks.

As our adventure is coming to an end we will be making our way back to Kingfisher Marina at Yardley Gobion where we will be mooring Tacet.   

Saturday 27 February 2016

Wonderful Time With Justin & Hudson

Well it's been a wonderful couple of weeks since our last blog.

We have had a visit from our eldest son Justin and grandson Hudson who came up to see us on Tuesday the 16th whilst we were moored at Braunston. As they were staying till Sunday we had plans of what we could do with them.
We know from their last visit how much Hudson had enjoyed the Tiger club in Daventry so on Wednesday we went there.
It was a wet morning and the place was packed with kids and their parents, Hudson had a really great time playing on the slides, ropes and swings.

Thursday we had decided to go to Gulliver’s Adventure land In Milton Keynes. It has a lot of rides that are suitable for young children. I thought Hudson might have been a wee bit scared of some of the rides but he absolutely loved them all the only people scared were his Dad and Granddad. Hudson’s first ride was the carousel, he then went on the Runaway train and screamed from the moment it set off, but when we got off he told his Nanny that he wants  to do all the fast rides which he did mostly with his dad and he loved every single ride he is a very brave adventurous lad.

Granddad,Hudson & Dad.

Hudson Loved This One Not SureDad Did

Smiles all The Way Round.

Enjoying The Dodgems

The Runaway Train

Dad & Hudson 

Loving It

Friday we went to Rugby for the day to look around some shops so we could spoil Hudson, this we did and he was very pleased with his new teenage Ninja Turtle pyjamas and big bag of plastic soldiers.
Saturday was a lazy day on board Tacet with Hudson helping Nanny do some cooking 

The Benefits Of Helping Nanny Is

I Get To Lick The spoon.

Sunday came to quickly as we had to say our goodbyes to Justin and our wonderful grandson Hudson, as usual at this time there was tear’s from Nanny & Granddad even though we know we will be seeing them soon as we are  approach the end of our year’s adventure  and will be heading back to Suffolk to join the rat race again !!!.

Monday morning we set off for a short cruise, in fact it was very short as after one hour we found some lovely moorings and moored up. We are moored near to Onley Young offenders Institution  centre and not much else.
Tacet With Onley Detention Centre & Country House In Background

Our Moorings For 2 Nights
We stayed here till Wednesday then cruised off to Hillmorton in fabulous sunshine it was a really wonderful days cruising.
Lovely scenery 
Great Tree House
Blue Skies
A Boat leaving The Top Locks
Hillmorton Top Locks
Towards The Bottom Locks
We went down the 3 locks winded and reversed to the water point, filled with water got rid of rubbish and other waste! and set off back up the 3 locks to moor for the night. Thursday we set off again in wonderful sunshine but a bit more of a chill in the air and moored at our Monday night mooring spot.

Friday we stayed put as Sharon has come down with a nasty cold so I polished one side of Tacet.
Today Saturday we set off back to Braunston for a couple of days we put the washing on and set off in sunny weather but with a bit of a breeze and moored in Braunston around lunch time.

Time Travelled Monday 22nd 1 Hr Distance Travelled 3  Miles 0 Locks.
Time Travelled Wednesday 24th 3 Hrs  Distance Travelled 4.5 Miles 6 locks
Time Travelled Thursday 25th 1.5 Hrs  Distance Travelled 3.5 Miles 0 Locks
Time Travelled Saturday 27th 1 Hr Distance Travelled 3 Miles
Total Distance Travelled 1074.5 Miles 

207 Locks (Broad ) 528 single locks and 18 tunnel's, 10 Massive Lock
Total Tunnel length 10957 yards   

Total Time 572.5 hours  

We Are Loving it So Much