Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Join us on our Adventure, our ginger cat will be

We will be starting our liveaboard adventure on our Narrowboat Tacet this April for one year. We being me Eddy the ginger cat, Clinton and Sharon, They look after  both me and Tacet.
                                                             The Author Eddy

Clinton & Sharon found Tacet a year ago when they were looking for a Narrowboat. They brought her from Ian & Karen.
They keep saying how lucky they were in finding Tacet, when they were telling all their friends about Tacet they kept on saying she has everything they wanted on a Narrowboat.
I think they are lucky as they have me as well.
Since then we have been having what they call holidays and weekends aboard Tacet.
One morning very early I was put in the cat box and put in the car I thought something was up as I was feeling well so it wasn't a trip to the vets.
What followed can only be described as a rather embarrassing journey too Tacet.
At first I was ok in the car then I became a little scared, well a lot scared in fact. I had an accident in the box lets just say what I did  rhymes with cat in a box not a very pleasant experience for me and neither for Clinton & Sharon. There we were stopped in a side road with Clinton holding me with my rear in the air whilst Sharon poured loads of water over my derriere. they nearly used all the wet wipes from the car as well. They both love me lots as they kept saying it was not my fault it was just an accident.

However we arrived a little while later at the Marina.
I was very scared at first when I first visited Tacet, there were lots of really very strange noises especially when Clinton started the engine which lives somewhere in the back of the boat in what Clinton calls his shed.
When this happened the first time I hid behind the sofa and stayed there nearly all day waiting for it to be switched off, it still took a long while before  Clinton & Sharon could coax me out.

I have got used to being on Tacet and really enjoy sitting and looking out of the windows watching the world go by but I do get frustrated when the ducks taunt me by coming right up to the windows to scrounge food from use.

So when you see use on the cut please wave and say hello.
We have between  use decided that we will all write of our adventures aboard Tacet so please visit our blog and catch up with us.