Saturday, 27 February 2016

Wonderful Time With Justin & Hudson

Well it's been a wonderful couple of weeks since our last blog.

We have had a visit from our eldest son Justin and grandson Hudson who came up to see us on Tuesday the 16th whilst we were moored at Braunston. As they were staying till Sunday we had plans of what we could do with them.
We know from their last visit how much Hudson had enjoyed the Tiger club in Daventry so on Wednesday we went there.
It was a wet morning and the place was packed with kids and their parents, Hudson had a really great time playing on the slides, ropes and swings.

Thursday we had decided to go to Gulliver’s Adventure land In Milton Keynes. It has a lot of rides that are suitable for young children. I thought Hudson might have been a wee bit scared of some of the rides but he absolutely loved them all the only people scared were his Dad and Granddad. Hudson’s first ride was the carousel, he then went on the Runaway train and screamed from the moment it set off, but when we got off he told his Nanny that he wants  to do all the fast rides which he did mostly with his dad and he loved every single ride he is a very brave adventurous lad.

Granddad,Hudson & Dad.

Hudson Loved This One Not SureDad Did

Smiles all The Way Round.

Enjoying The Dodgems

The Runaway Train

Dad & Hudson 

Loving It

Friday we went to Rugby for the day to look around some shops so we could spoil Hudson, this we did and he was very pleased with his new teenage Ninja Turtle pyjamas and big bag of plastic soldiers.
Saturday was a lazy day on board Tacet with Hudson helping Nanny do some cooking 

The Benefits Of Helping Nanny Is

I Get To Lick The spoon.

Sunday came to quickly as we had to say our goodbyes to Justin and our wonderful grandson Hudson, as usual at this time there was tear’s from Nanny & Granddad even though we know we will be seeing them soon as we are  approach the end of our year’s adventure  and will be heading back to Suffolk to join the rat race again !!!.

Monday morning we set off for a short cruise, in fact it was very short as after one hour we found some lovely moorings and moored up. We are moored near to Onley Young offenders Institution  centre and not much else.
Tacet With Onley Detention Centre & Country House In Background

Our Moorings For 2 Nights
We stayed here till Wednesday then cruised off to Hillmorton in fabulous sunshine it was a really wonderful days cruising.
Lovely scenery 
Great Tree House
Blue Skies
A Boat leaving The Top Locks
Hillmorton Top Locks
Towards The Bottom Locks
We went down the 3 locks winded and reversed to the water point, filled with water got rid of rubbish and other waste! and set off back up the 3 locks to moor for the night. Thursday we set off again in wonderful sunshine but a bit more of a chill in the air and moored at our Monday night mooring spot.

Friday we stayed put as Sharon has come down with a nasty cold so I polished one side of Tacet.
Today Saturday we set off back to Braunston for a couple of days we put the washing on and set off in sunny weather but with a bit of a breeze and moored in Braunston around lunch time.

Time Travelled Monday 22nd 1 Hr Distance Travelled 3  Miles 0 Locks.
Time Travelled Wednesday 24th 3 Hrs  Distance Travelled 4.5 Miles 6 locks
Time Travelled Thursday 25th 1.5 Hrs  Distance Travelled 3.5 Miles 0 Locks
Time Travelled Saturday 27th 1 Hr Distance Travelled 3 Miles
Total Distance Travelled 1074.5 Miles 

207 Locks (Broad ) 528 single locks and 18 tunnel's, 10 Massive Lock
Total Tunnel length 10957 yards   

Total Time 572.5 hours  

We Are Loving it So Much

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fenny Crompton & Help Down The Napton Locks

We had a good few days a Fenny Crompton, the village has a very good co-op which we used a couple of times. It was very blustery for a few days so we stayed put waiting for the weather to improve which it finally did. We untied  on the 28th and headed towards Napton on The Hill to spend a few days before moving on to Braunston where we are expecting a weekend visit from my niece Hannah, Mike and their lovely daughter Elsie May.

We had help down the Napton flight of locks by our lock wheeling friends Kevin & Shirley and we moored up just after 2.00 PM. The wind had died down nicely whilst we cruised but was picking up when we moored. Thanks again Kevin & Shirley.
There is a lovely little shop in Napton which sells lots of supplies for the boater it also sells very reasonably priced bags of logs.
So on the 3rd February and after a few days at Napton we untied went through the last lock and started the cruise to Braunston it was a lovely day and all to soon we were at Braunston.
Napton Junction

Lower Shuckburgh Church

On Friday Kevin & Shirley came over and we enjoyed a very good meal at The Boathouse pub.
Saturday the 6th we awaited the arrival of our guest's and at around 2.30 they arrived. We had decided to eat out again at the Boathouse for the evening and again another good meal was enjoyed by us all.

On Saturday my lovely niece Hannah and Mike along with dear little Elsie May came for the weekend. We enjoyed a nice meal at the Boathouse that evening.
We went back to the boat and Elsie May was so excited that she didn't want to go to sleep and at 11.00 PM Elsie May finally went to sleep.

Sunday morning we decided to go for a short cruise which was very pleasant and we returned to Braunston.
Mike was given the tiller and although he was a bit apprehensive at first but he handled Tacet very well.
Elsie may had lots of fun feeding the ducks through the side hatch and when the time came for them to leave Elsie May didn't want to go.
So we said our goodbyes and waved them off. We had a very enjoyable weekend with Hannah, Mike & Elsie May.
Elsie May

Me, Sharon, Mike, Elsie May & Hannah

Elsie May & Hannah (Mum)


Elsie May Feeding Ducks

Time Travelled Thursday 28th 4 Hrs Distance Travelled 8 Miles 8 Locks.
Time Travelled Thursday 3rd February 2.5 Hrs Distance Travelled 5 Miles 1 lock
Time Travelled Sunday 1 Hr  Distance Travelled 2 Miles
Total Distance Travelled 1063.5 Miles 

207 Locks (Broad ) 522 single locks and 18 tunnel's, 10 Massive Lock
Total Tunnel length 10957 yards   

Total Time 568 hours  

We Are Loving it So Much