Thursday, 30 April 2015

On To The llangollen Canal

We left Nantwich on Wednesday around 10.00 with the sky looking nice and blue. We put the washing machine on and had a nice steady cruise up to Hurleston Junction, this Junction takes us on to the Llangollen Canal.

Turning a sharp left hand turn we climb the 4 Hurleston Locks at the top of the locks we filled with water and got rid of our rubbish.
We cruised with the sun on are backs but the wind had picked up a little, on to the first of the locks that we had been reading about with the strong by-wash near each lock entrance and yes they were strong the force of water pushes the boat off course so it can be tricky getting in to the locks. Sharon done a great job it guiding Tacet in to the Locks. We decided to moor just beyond  Bethills Bridge. What a lovely mooring to with some really great views both of these looking out of either side of Tacet.

A pair of hotel boats passed as we were moored, the first we have seen since we started out. I took a walk up to the next lock and just caught them leaving the lock The company is called Bywater Hotel Cruises.

Thursday we woke to a very different morning the sky was very dark and as it had rained very heavily in the night it looked like more rain was due, so we waited until it dried out and set off.
On to the locks with the very strong by-washes and it started to drizzle a little but this did not last. We moored for lunch at Wrenbury and set off again. The sky was threatening rain but the weather forecast had said it was going to clear out and guess what they were right as we completed the final 4 locks of the day the sun came out and joined us.

We are moored at Grindley Brook for the evening with the fire alight as the forecast is for a frost tonight.

Time travelled Wednesday 3 hours, Distance 5.5 Miles 6 Locks
Time Travelled Thursday 4 hours Distance 8 Miles 8 Locks
 Total Distance Travelled is 135.5 Miles 
 56 Locks (Broad) 68 single locks and 7 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 6420  yards   
Total Time 69.5 hours    


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

On To Audlem and Then Nantwich.

We left Market Drayton on Saturday morning knowing we had quite a few locks to do today, once again the scenery was fantastic with open land with a few houses dotted here and there.
The fields either had sheep, cattle or crops in them, some fields had only just been drilled, being a Suffolk lad it is nice to see a drilled field with its straight lines in them, a good bit of tractor handling.

Well we were soon through the 5 locks at Adderly and all to soon we were at the bottom of the Audlem locks. A nice easy flight of locks to do and we were through the first 13 locks in under 2 hours. So we stopped between lock 13 and 14 to fill with water and then moored in the pound at the 48 hour moorings.
Sharon and I went for a walk to the canal shop which is by the Shroppie Flyer pub, it sells loads of canal related books and craft items. Upstairs there was a group of ladies making rag rugs which we watched for a while. We might give it a go when we get the time.

The shroppie Flyer Pub has the bows of a narrowboat as part of its bar it looks better than the photo I took

Last lock into Audlem is number 13 but it was our 18th of the day

On Sunday we had a late start but were through the last 2 remaining Audlem locks by 10.30 and heading towards Nantwich. Two further locks to do and at these there was a small farm shop stall selling its wares but we didn't need anything.

A short while later we moored at Nantwich and had a quick walk into the town there is an Aldi and Morrison’s opposite each other so we topped up our provisions and decided to head back to Tacet and Eddy.

Today Tuesday we went back to Nantwich to have a look round the market and a better look around the town, a very nice place to visit if you're this way, some really interesting independent trading shops. A great Butchers with it's own pie shop attached we had a lovely pork pie with pickle and salad (healthy or what ) for tea.

 Time travelled Saturday 4 hours, Distance 6 Miles  18 Locks
Time Travelled Sunday 2 hours Distance 6 Miles 4 Locks
 Total Distance Travelled is 122 Miles 
 56 Locks (Broad) 52 single locks and 7 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 6420  yards   
Total Time 62.5 hours        

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Still Enjoy Market Drayton

Nothing much to add other than we are still at Market Drayton and have been into town 3 times, a handy Homebase to get some bits we needed.

There is a Lidi, Morrison's and an Asda supermarket in the town.
We got a couple of herbs for the planter and got that sorted.
A very knowlegble friend (phil)  has informed me the car we saw in the woods is a Daimler from around mid 1930 early 1940's he thinks. Thank you Phil.
Plans for tomorrow are to head off and do the 5 Adderley locks and weather permitting on to the Audlem Locks of which there are 15.
We are making our way to Nantwich to have a look around the town.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Lovely Couple of Days

Wednesday morning the sun was shining not a cloud in the sky, so we set off  with no place in mind to moor later that day.
The views on the way were absolutely gorgeous with wide open fields and lots of sheep and their lambs.

 We also passed a line of fisher man in a fishing competition, as we passed them most of the fisherman lifted there rods and we passed under them we felt a bit like royalty. Is there a collective name for a line of fisherman I wonder.      
We made our way to Norbury Junction and moored there for the night. It was such a lovely afternoon that we went and had a beer at the local very nice indeed.

Thursday again not a cloud in the sky when we woke up and we filled with water and emptied what needed emptying ! and set off again around 10.00.
Again we were greeted with some fantastic views we hope you agree

We also went under this well photographed bridge with the electric telegraph pole in it very odd indeed, we also found this old classic car parked in a wooded cutting what a strange place to have such a nice car.

Sharon also spotted a Kingfisher and we got a reasonably good photo of it.                                                                                                                                                    

we have moored up at Tyrley Wharf this evening and enjoying the sun.

Time travelled Wednesday 4 hour
Time Travelled Thursday 4.5 hours 
Total Distance Travelled is 110 Miles  56 Locks (Broad) 40 single locks and 7 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 6420  yards   
Total Time 56.5 hours                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Very Relaxing Day

Well again as we opened the curtains on Tacet we were greeted with lovely blue skies,  a late breakfast and we slipped the lines and headed to Autherley Junction stop lock. this is the beginning of the Shropshire Union Canal.
We had a lovely relaxed sun soaked cruise up to Brewood and moored for lunch before walking in to the village to get some supplies. What a lovely village with a very good butcher so for supper this evening we have Liver & Bacon one of my favourite meals of all time especially how Sharon cook's it.
Sharon took this photo with her Hudl of a Heron which was just keeping its self ahead of us along the canal. A really good reflection as well I think.

We have moored just past Stretton Aqueduct which was built when the canal was originally the Birmingham & Liverpool canal which started at Nantwich and ended at Autherley Junction, it was built by Thomas Telford in 1832, its a really lovely aqueduct with some very nice stone work, the aqueduct crosses over the A5.

Time travelled Today 3. Hours Distance  6.5 Miles
 Total Distance Travelled is 80.5 Miles 
 56 Locks (Broad) 40 single locks and 6 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 6349  yards   
Total Time 48 hours    

Monday, 20 April 2015

A Lot of locks Today

Wednesday morning the sun was shining not a cloud in the sky, so we set off  with no place in mind to moor later that day.
The views on the way were absolutely gorgeous with wide open fields and lots of sheep and their lambs.

 We also passed a line of fisher man in a fishing competition, as we passed them most of the fisherman lifted there rods and we passed under them we felt a bit like royalty. Is there a collective name for a line of fisherman I wonder.      
We made our way to Norbury Junction and moored there for the night. It was such a lovely afternoon that we went and had a beer at the local very nice indeed.

Thursday again not a cloud in the sky when we woke up and we filled with water and emptied what needed emptying ! and set off again around 10.00.
Again we were greeted with some fantastic views we hope you agree

We also went under this well photographed bridge with the electric telegraph pole in it very odd indeed, we also found this old classic car parked in a wooded cutting what a strange place to have such a nice car.

Sharon also spotted a Kingfisher and we got a reasonably good photo of it.                                                                                                                                                  

we have moored up at Tyrley Wharf this evening and enjoying the sun.

 Time travelled Wednesday 4 hour
Time Travelled Thursday 4.5 hours 
 Total Distance Travelled is 110 Miles 
 56 Locks (Broad) 40 single locks and 7 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 6420  yards   
Total Time 56.5 hours                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Black Country Living Museum Dudley

I woke on Saturday morning to blue skies and enjoyed a late breakfast !! as both of them were laying in bed.
Clinton was on about some museum they were going to on Sunday and I thought to myself oh another easy day for me sleeping on the boat.
So we set of for the Dudley Canal Trust moorings right at the back of the Black Country Living Muesum.
It seemed no sooner had I got comfortable on the Futon we were near to the moorings the boat swung to the left and I heard Sharon congratulate Clinton on the tight left  turn, then on a bit further, this was where things did not go quite as planned as when Clinton was winding the boat which just means turning it round in a winding hole. The wind caught the boat and at first was helping the boat to turn but then it started to push the boat towards another boat Clinton had to step off and on to  the towpath and pull  Tacet round its a good job he is getting fitter !!!. So we moored up and relaxed.

Two other boats joined Tacet and last night Clinton & Sharon were out side with the other boaters enjoying there first BBQ of the year the smells were lovely but I was relaxing on the Futon.
Sunday we all woke to a rather overcast day, they got themselves ready and left for the Museum. Clinton was pleased as he had got a voucher that allowed one person in free which he had to join the library in Birmingham to be able to print off.

When they finally came back to the boat they kept talking about how lovely the museum was and how nice it was to see so many of the houses with real fires and characters dressed in period clothes, Sharon was specially pleased as when they were in a school class room re-enactment she was picked out for her lovely hand writing skills It seems Clinton needs to try harder.
It seems they had a great time and especially enjoyed the beef dripping cooked fish and chips.
So currently we are sitting in Tacet with the fire alight and guess where I am sitting.

    Just a couple of photos, one of Narrowboat president the oldest steam powered Narrowboat in existence,

Friday, 17 April 2015

Lovely Time In Birmingham

We have had a really lovely time whilst moored near Brindley Place, very nice moorings indeed.
We decided to visit the National Trust's Back to Backs site which is about the houses that were built Back to Back to house the influx of families for the industrial revolution dating from 1840.
There are 3 houses spanning from 1840 up to 1970.

Our tour Guide Jennifer was excellent in describing each house and how many people lived there and used actually family names of those that lived there from the census  and history of that time.
If you're in Birmingham it is well worth the visit.

We also visited the market for some bits and pieces and were very impressed by that also.
We decided to treat ourselves to a meal at Jimmy Spices, well what can I say it is an all you can eat buffet with food from around the world including Mexican,Cantonese, Chinese and Indian and others but we were to full to try them all and the dessert section was unbelievable too, we left with full bellies and had really enjoyed the food.

The canal side Pub which sits by the Worcester Bar which used to separate the Worcester & Birmingham canal & the Main Line of the Birmingham Canal navigation.

 No not a roundabout but a direction island as the canal goes in 3 different directions from here, here being Deep Cuttings Junction (Old Turn) Birmingham library in the background a very attractive building.

Today the 17th John from John's Boat canopies arrived to fit our new cratch cover, what a fantastic job he has done to, the canopy is exactly what we had hoped for with 2 side windows and covers to. We would recommend John to anyone looking for a new cover a great job and a very reasonable priced.

We left Birmingham at 2.00 along the Birmingham Level Main Line and turned right at Smethwick Junction as we wanted to travel along the Wolverhampton Level towards Dudley as we are visiting the Black Country Living Museum. We travelled under the M5 what a a great bit of engineering, I am so annoyed with myself as I did not have my camera at hand to take any photos of it.
We have moored up just past Kier's Bridge on some very nice moorings for the night.

Time travelled Friday 3.00 Hours
Distance 6.5 Miles

 Total Distance Travelled is 71.5 Miles 
 56 Locks (Broad) 22 single Locks  and 6 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 6092  yards   
Total Time Travelled 43 Hours        

We Are Loving It                                                                   

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Wonderful Cruise into Birmingham

On Tuesday we were greeted by another sunny start to the day. We left Warings Green and headed off with the sun on our backs, lovely views all-round,  we really have enjoyed this part of the Stratford on Avon Canal. Shirley Drawbridge was are first automated bridge since the start of our journey, what a nice and simple procedure to open and close just turn your key and push a button fantastic.

We moored at Lyons Boatyard at Warstock and after chatting with the owner we decided to moor opposite t the boat yard in full sun and by a golf course so a nice and quiet night for us.

Wednesday we can't believe how lucky we have been with the weather more sun for the cruise in to Birmingham. Through Guillotine lock which is no longer used. Its as its name suggests its  like a guillotine so was operated by winding it up and down. Shame someone has put graffiti on it

On to the rather tight right hand turn at King's Norton Junction and a change of scenery very much more industrial. We pass Cadbury's and Bournville  and head towards our destination.

At Edgbaston Tunnel which is really two tunnels one for trains and one for us we got a nice photo as a train came through. A lovely cruise in to Gas street basin which is a very cosmopolitan place with Bars, Pubs, and numerous  places to eat while watching the world go past on the canal.

We have moored just outside of Gas St Basin and are planning a day tomorrow.
We will still be in Birmingham Friday as John is coming to fit out new Cratch cover for us which we are very pleased about.

We think some Graffiti can be quite artistic if in the right place.

Time travelled Tuesday and Wednesday 6.00 Hours
Distance 13.5 Miles
Total Distance Travelled is  65. Miles 
56 Locks (Broad) 19 single and 5 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 5989  yards   
Total Time 40 hours    

We Are Loving It                                                                        

Monday, 13 April 2015

A lovely Time with Friends.

We woke to a very frosty morning and a lovely mist coming of the canal.

As we were going to be doing the 19 locks of the lapworth flight we left at 8.45 and arrived at Kingswood Junction at 9.10 In to the first lock and we saw a lock volunteer setting the next lock for us a lovely lady called Judith.

Then to our surprise another volunteer arrived this one called Chris and 2 locks further up a 3rd volunteer appeared he was called Neil and he came with his dog Benji so at this point we lost Judith who went back down the flight to help another boat.

We went through the locks at a fantastic pace and at lock 6 we lost both Chris and Neil.

We had been in touch with some very dear friends Roger and Annie who where in the area visiting friends they were planning to meet us at Hockley Heath but a phone call from them said they were walking done the tow-path to meet us, we meet them at the very last lock and welcomed them aboard.
We set off towards the Wharf Inn and had a very enjoyable lunch Thank you both.

It was really lovely to welcome aboard our first  friends since the start of are adventure and to catch up on things.

They are in there camper van heading to chesterfield for a couple of nights to watch Colchester FC play football as there son Richard is assistant Manager for them.

Time travelled today 4.30 Hours
Distance 5 Miles

 Total Distance Travelled is  51.5 Miles 
 56 Locks (Broad) 19 single and 3 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 55532  yards   
Total Time 34 hours

We Are Loving It

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hatton Locks DONE

We spent a very lovely time in the Saltisford Arm very clean and tidy moorings with good facilities, close to Shops and a fantastic Hardware store called Tooleys.
I needed some MDF cut for a small job I am doing, they cut it to the exact sizes I needed and charged me for what I had cut not like other larger DIY stores that charge you for the whole 8 x 4 sheet
We had a walk around Warwick before doing a small shop in Sainsburys for a few things we needed.

This little fellow was enjoying his breakfast just outside are window.

We woke to a rainy start to Saturday but the weather forecast said it would clear over by 9.00 so we got ready for the off and the start of Hatton Locks all 21 of them.
Lucky for us a very nice bunch of folks (4) of them on a boat moored behind us were also going up the locks as well so we buddied up with them. The weather forecast was correct and the rain stopped and we had lovely blue skies.
With the help of Keith,Sue, Kit and Jane from the other boat we managed to do all 21 locks in 2 hours 45 mins which we were very pleased with so thanks guys enjoy the rest of your trip.

We carried on through Shrewley Tunnel, what a very wet tunnel that one is, water cascading down all over the place so I got a little wet.

This Picture is credited to my dear wife Sharon who took this with her Hudl. coming out of the Northern end of the Tunnel, a great Picture I think.

We moored at Rowington a very quiet mooring and it seems it might be the Christmas Tree capital of the country. We have never seen so many fields with Christmas Trees in right from young saplings to enormous ones.

Christmas Trees everywhere.

 Total Distance Travelled is  46.5 Miles, 56 Locks and 3 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 55532  yards   
Total Time  29 Hours

We Are  Loving It

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Sun Keeps Shinning.

We woke to a lovely sunny Wednesday and set of at 9.30, we filled the water tank and set the washing machine and we were off
We had only planned to go past the 3 Calcutt locks and moor below Stockton locks but we met a canal character and his wife along with there grandson who was not having as a much fun as everyone else was.

The man was telling Sharon lots of stories about his time on the canal whilst they were in the lock and he had a story which had both of us in fits of laughter.

He started by saying that he was in a lock with  another boat and a very heavily pregnant lady was steering the boat. He let the lady go first but for some reason as she exited the lock to pick her husband up she got of the boat and the boat went on its way alone. The husband made a leap towards the boat but missed and landed in the water. The man went on to say his heart almost stopped as a leg bobbed up at the back of the other boat and then the man bobbed up however he was all in one piece apart from his prosthetic leg which was bobbing down the canal. The man said they both needed a large whisker after that. Which was well needed.
We done 10 locks after the 3 at Calcutt and moored at Bridge 25 close to Long Itchington a very nice spot as well.

Thursday we were up bright and early and set of at 9.45 and planned to make our way to Saltisford Arm which is almost at the bottom of Hatton locks which we will do Saturday as we are going to explore Warwick tomorrow.
Nearly all the locks were against us so we had a slow but enjoyable time arriving at Saltisford Arm mid afternoon.

Time Travelled for today 5 Hours 10.5 Miles and 10 Locks.
We have had a fantastic 2 days weather.

 Total Distance Travelled is  41.5 Miles, 35 Locks and 2 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 5099  yards   
Total Time  24 Hours.
Wev Are Loving It

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Misty Starts But The Sun comes Through.

 Easter Monday we woke to a slightly misty morning but by the time we set off for Braunston the sun had burnt through. There was a bit of a convoy on the way to Braunston tunnel and we were the  3rd in the procession.

Steady progress  through the tunnel which is 2042 yrds long. when a light appeared from the other end, it was very bright indeed and it actually blinded me as it got closer, as the boat past I commented  to the steerer that if he had tried a little harder he could haver got a brighter light!!! but he chose not to reply.
Anyway through the tunnel and bright sunshine to greet us at the other end.

We paired up with a very nice Braidbar boat which the owners had only just brought so for them it was it's maiden voyage, Sharon enjoyed talking to the steerer whilst me and his crew worked the locks.

A really easy trip down the 6 locks with them, we then parted as we stopped just by the marina entrance for the day to enjoy the lovely sunny day.

We stayed overnight  as it was such a lovely quiet mooring.

Tuesday we woke to a misty start again and we walked into the village to do a bit of shopping, a visit to the Butcher's saw us return with Braunston Bangers, some Barnsley lamb chop's and a big pork pie which we had for lunch.

The sun came out so we had a walk to the Midland Chandler's and on the way back got a nice picture of Braunston Church with blue sky's.

I took a walk to Wharf House Narrowboat's as I like the chandlers there and brought some more things for Tacet.

This evening we had a meal at The Boat House and enjoyed the food.

 Total Distance Travelled is  22 Miles, 20 Locks and 2 Tunnel's, Total Tunnel length 5099  yrds   
Total Time  14 Hours                 
We're Loving It

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday

We woke to a sunny morning at 7.30 had a nice cup of tea in bed then set about getting ready for the day.
At 9.00 the church bells started and we had a lovely 15 minutes of bell ringing really nice on Easter Sunday.
So at 9.40 we set off knowing we had the 7 locks of the Buckby flight to do.

At the bottom lock we paired up with a couple on a hire boat, during the normal conversation at locks it turns out that they have just brought some shares in a new boat with carefree cruising who we had shares in one of there boats for 7 years before we brought Tacet. We wish them many weeks happy cruising on there boat

Just before the last lock of the flight is a lovely canal art shop which sells lots of fantastic boat related art stuff so I had a quick look round and we decided to head back when we moored at the top of the flight.

We walked back and met the lovely lady who does the art, we picked a lovely beer barrel (empty) and it still had its brass tap attached and a flower tub. We Think they look lovely on Tacet

Just behind us is Reckless the boat that Guy Martin built, this was on TV programme  a while ago, so I had a chat with the new owner he has installed a lovely Lister Gardner engine inside Reckless and it sounds great.      
So as the day draws to a close with the sun  in the sky, a beer in hand its the end of another fantastic day.

Total Distance Travelled is  18 Miles, 14 Locks and 1 Tunnel   Total Time   9 Hours                             We are Loving It 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hot-cross buns again Lovely

A very leisurely start to Good Friday. We had a breakfast of Hot-cross buns and cups of tea very nice indeed. The weather was a bit overcast but what do we expect for a bank holiday
 Eddy was not going to do much today just sleep on the Futon. He does look very relaxed.

So at 10.15 we untied and moved off towards the only 2 locks of the day. At the last lock we met a couple from Norfolk who were having a walk around the village and chatted for awhile.
They will have a look at our blog when they get back to Norfolk.

So through Blisworth Tunnel which is 3,076 yards long it is the third-longest navigable canal tunnel on the canal system. Its very wet in the tunnel, we only passed one other boat coming in the other direction.

On the way to Blisworth we passed a very nice boat called Huffler which I believe is a term used  for a person that was employed to help boats through locks, please correct me if I have got it wrong.

Then on we went for our mooring for the night just after Elliot Bridge near Hayford Fields Marina.

A nice quiet mooring we woke to a cloudy start to the day and had Hot-cross buns and tea for breakfast again and again very nice.

We untied and headed off, we saw  NB Briar Rose on hard standing with a very nice looking black bottom, a job we will need to do next year.

We pulled in to Rugby Boat sales from where we brought Tacet just over  year ago. We had a chat with Steve who was the sales man who showed us around Tacet what a great block he is and it was   nice to see him again. We brought a bag of coal as we needed one.

We finally moored at Weedon and had a walk in to the village. What a lovely village it is to walk around and some lovely buildings to look at.
When we got back to Tacet I opened one of the double doors and looked in for Eddy, Eddy was poised to escape or so Sharon thought so Sharon in her panic went and  shut the door which my head was still in, in the commotion that followed Eddy went back to his Futon and looked at both of us Sharon thought this was so funny that she cried (real tears)with laughter and could hardly breath, if my head was not hurting so much she may have had difficulty in breathing !!!.
But all in all another great day.

So Total Distance Travelled is  14 Miles  & 7 Locks and one long tunnel.

Were Loving It

Thursday, 2 April 2015

We slipped the Lines and off we go

It was a very exciting  start to the day, we were up quite early and the weather looked overcast but the wind had dropped to a very light breeze.

We all had breakfast then we set about getting Tacet ready for the off, so we untied the the mooring lines and slipped away from Kingfisher Marina which had been our mooring for a year.
We have enjoyed the time at the Marina but were so very excited to be off on our year out.

We slowly made our way towards Stoke Bruerne and only passed one other boat moving until we arrived at he bottom of the locks.

No one around to buddy up with so off we went alone, the first 3 locks had boats coming down so very happy days, the sun had come out and we were enjoying the wonderful weather.

At the 3rd lock a young family were watching, so not one for letting people stand around I got the 3 young kids (with mum ) to help open the gates and to my surprise they helped with the next 2 locks.
What a lovely family, they even thanked us for letting them help.

We decided to moor on the long pound as CRT are working on the towpath in Stoke Bruerne, we were not sure on moorings in Stoke Bruerne.

So not very far travelled today but we have a whole year to do what we want, what a lovely start to our Adventure.

Distance Travelled 3 Miles. 5 Locks and 2 hours 10 mins.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

All moved on and Ready for the off

Eddy the cat here with an update on the last few day's
Well after a lot of packing of bags then unpacking and repacking and moving of the final bits of furniture we were ready for the off.
Clinton has done really well by not swearing too much and when he did mum was on hand to tell him off.
The car was packed and before I was put in the cat box I had a cuddle from Sam and his girlfriend Rachel she really spoils me.Clinton & Sharon said there goodbyes too and off we went.

The journey to the marina was going well until around halfway there when I had to go!!! as it had all got to much for me in the car, I did pick a good place to go as we were right by a lay by on the road so a quick stop was had. Clinton and Sharon pulled some funny facial expression whilst I had a clean up and we were off again all clean and fresh.

When we got to the marina I was given another freshen up involving my bum in the air and lots of water and some sweet smelling shampoo.

The car was unpacked and then places were found for most of the stuff brought.

Clinton took the car back this morning very early and a very Dear friend Louise brought him back with even more stuff.
They had a cup of tea and a chat then Louise had to leave, tears all round. Then there was the 3 of us left on Tacet, I have been told we will be starting the Adventure tomorrow so keep tuned in friends to see how we are getting on.

Posted by Eddy the Cat.