Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Colds And Visitors.

Since our last blog we have both had a stinking cold Sharon succumbed first then as always being the generous lady she is she gave it to me. So not a lot to report in this update.

When we had both recovered from the bugs we ventured in to Daventry by bus to get some provisions (Roger No Co-Op) from Aldi and a quick look around the town and Tesco.

We met a really nice couple called Frank & Alison who are from N/B Sammy Jo. They live aboard their boat and have only recently got married. 
A Wave Goodbye.

Frank Aboard Sammy Jo

We had an enjoyable evening with them both and may catch up with them before we return to our house and the humdrum of work.

On Saturday we had a surprise visit from our friend David who we last saw in Gunthorpe. It was so nice to see David as he always has a few tales to tell and has both of us in stitches with his stories. It was a shame that his wife Lorraine could not make it but she was babysitting there Grandchildren at Tiger’s in Daventry where we have taken our Grandson Hudson to before. We are planning to met David & Lorraine later this year.

I took a walk over the fields to Wolfhamcote church which although no longer used for regular services it remains a consecrated building and is looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust, it is a really lovely old building and some of the grave stones dated back to the late 1690’s although I imagine there are a lot older graves there I could not read all the dates.

In Side The Church

A Rather Nice Ethereal Photo I Think

Wolfhamcote Church

A Suffolk Lamb

Twins With Braunston Church Behind

Tomorrow we will be heading off through the 6 Braunston Locks and the rather long bendy Tunnel We may turn left at Norton Junction and go up the Watford Locks to Crick or Carry on down the Buckby Flight of locks and head to words or Marina.

So due to illness no movement for us in the last couple of weeks.

As our adventure is coming to an end we will be making our way back to Kingfisher Marina at Yardley Gobion where we will be mooring Tacet.   


  1. Aha, are you the chap from Ipswich I chatted to on Sunday outside the marina? Didn't realise you were a blogger! Hope the return to land life isn't too bad..and that you manage to have many more floating adventures



    1. Hi Sarah yes it is the chap from Ipswich. Sorry should of said I was a blogger. Good to meet you hope we meet you again out on the cut


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