Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Towards Crick And Foxton Locks

We left Braunston on Friday 11th and as we were at the water point filling up another boat passed so after the usual pleasantries I asked if they would wait for us at the bottom lock.
When we approached the bottom lock we saw the boat waiting for us so we had a buddy all the way up the 6 Locks. It’s a lot easier going up in pairs and with a really good crew we were soon up the locks and heading towards Braunston tunnel.
Sarah And Unknow Gents Boat.

Lock Keepers Cottage

An Old Steel Ice Breaker Called Sharpness
The weather was really lovely after the fog had lifted and we had a wonderful cruise up to the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union canal where we moored for the evening in beautiful sunshine. A lovely boat moored behind us and it was sarah and Andy a couple I had spoken to in Braunston who live in a lovely little town called Sudbury which is not far from where we live.

Saturday we woke to a foggy start so we waited for the sun to burn off the fog. We set off to Watford locks and cruised along in super weather, we arrived at Watford locks and booked in with the lock keeper. We only had to wait for 15 minutes and then we were off. Watford locks have 3 normal locks then a staircase of 4 locks which means the top set of gates become the bottom gates when moving up. You have to operate the ground paddles correctly or you can get into all sorts of problems. 
Not One Of Mine.
Taken Off The Internet
Unknown photographer.
As we cruised up to Crick Sharon suggested that as the weather is so good why don’t we continue up to Foxton Locks. This I was only to pleased to do and when we were through Crick Tunnel (very Wet) we continued to cruise on in wonderful sunshine mooring by Bridge 37 for the evening.. So annoyed with myself as I forgot to charge the camera battery. AGAIN.

Sunday again we woke to fog but at 9.00 it had cleared a lot so we set off. The sun managed to burn the fog off and we cruised up in wonderful weather 
Foggy Morning

Visibility Good

 As we rounded a rather tight bend we caught up with a holiday boat that was being steered by a very large parrot!
Birthday Parrot (40th Party Boat)
 The holiday boat had slowed down to almost stop as it had come across a fishing competition along the towpath so we both cruised at very slowly so not to annoy the fisherman but at one point the holiday boat got itself in an odd position and had to rev hard to straighten up which didn’t go down to well with some of the fisherman who shouted at the all-girl crew. It turned out to be a 40th Birthday of the parrot. 
We arrived at Foxton locks which has 10 locks, these are in 2 staircases of 5locks and and are really a fantastic set of locks taking you 75 feet down. We booked in with the lock keeper and we went down the locks and turned round and headed up. There were a lot of gongoozlers  watching the boats go up and down and we both enjoyed chatting to them and answering there questions.

We moored for the evening at the top of the locks after a fantastic day cruising.

Level with The Horizon 

Looking Down

Inside One Of The Rather Deep Locks

Looking Over The Foxton Locks

Looking Up Foxton Locks
Monday we left our moorings at Foxton and cruised up to Crick not such a nice day as the wind had picked up a little and it was a bit more overcast. Still it was a nice cruise and we enjoyed the scenery. 

Time Travelled Friday 11th March Time Travelled 3Hrs Distance Travelled 4  Miles 6 Locks. Braunston  Tunnel 2042 yrds
Time Travelled Saturday 12th Time Travelled 5.5 Hrs  Distance Travelled 13.5 Miles 7 locks, Crick Tunnel 1528 yrds
Time Travelled Sunday 13th   6 Hrs  Distance Travelled 10 Miles 20 locks Foxton Down/Up & Husband Bosworth Tunnel 1166 yrds
Time Travelled Monday 14th 6.5 Hrs 17 Miles Husband Bosworth Tunnel 1166 yrds

Total Distance Travelled 1119 Miles 

207 Locks (Broad ) 544 single locks and 22 tunnel's, 10 Massive Lock
Total Tunnel length 16859 yards   

Total Time 593.5 hours  

We Are Loving it So Much But The End Is Near .


  1. Ha! You missed out the mid Foxton flight shimmy we enjoyed together! Lovely to bump into you again and thanks so much for sending the photos through to Tracey and Ray - they've been a great comfort. Safe trip home but hurry back.

    Sarah (and Andy!)

    1. Oh yes the mid Foxton Shimmy it completely slipped my mind, never been much of a dancer unlike Sharon who has a nickname from a great friend of ours, she is known as the Dancing fairy (Phil). Will be trying my best to hurry back !!!. Regards to you and Andy


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